A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford


Maria Kabuła

Maria is a certified accountant with a higher education degree, specializing in bookkeeping for commercial companies with Polish and foreign capital. Accounting is her passion, she is dedicated to constantly honing her skills in dealing with new tax issues, accounting software and technology. She enjoys order, regularity and harmony, both in professional and private matters. She combines discipline with kindness. This attitude proves very helpful in tackling the problems of her clients while maintaining a positive atmosphere. She is a youthful spirit and an avid tennis player.


Agnieszka Busiak

Agnieszka is a young, ambitious person with a higher education degree and a second-level course in accounting. She scored the highest rating in balance sheet accounting course conducted by the Accountants Association. She commands a wide range of knowledge in taxes and finance and is proficient in the most important accounting software, such as CDN Comarch Optima or Płatnik, that are necessary in bookkeeping for commercial law companies and business activities. She is a detail oriented person – nothing escapes her attention. Innate helpfulness and cheerfulness contribute a lot to her overall attitude.


Manuela Kowalewicz

Manuela joined our team as an independent accountant specializing in commercial law companies. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in bookkeeping for ltd companies, foundations and associations. She combines a cheerful attitude with practicality and meticulousness – a perfect mix to create a friendly atmosphere for serious bookkeeping.


Monika Malczewska

Monika is an independent accountant for a reason. She has years of varied experience in working for companies and accounting offices. She is proficient in many accounting programs, such as CDN Optima and Symfonia. She is not only knowledgeable and dedicated but also friendly. Her attitude introduces peace and harmony into day-to-day business.


Daria Zdancewicz

Although Daria is a recent addition to our team, her experience grows by the day. She is valued for speed and precision in processing data and cataloguing documents form both small businesses and companies. Her experience as a tax office employee is invaluable for us, and her cheerful attitude is a source of good vibes to our entire team.


Piotr Chalimoniuk

Piotr is an IT specialist by training and profession and a team leader and project coordinator by experience. His passions include graphic design and travels. His years of experience in IT is helpful on every level of running a business. He is diligent, ambitious and strives for success – his own and the success of his clients.